Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Take The Coffee Challenge


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Our Favorite Coffees and Creamers
Our Favorite Cups

What is your favorite coffee cup?
Checkout this website to see what your coffee mug say about you.  http://www.homecoffeesolutions.com
Article: What Does Your Coffee Mug Say About You?

What is your favorite coffee?
Checkout this website to see what your favorite coffee drink says about your personality.
Article: Here's What Your Favorite Coffee Drink Says About Your Personality

 What is your favorite creamer?
Checkout the top 25 flavors of coffee mate at, http://www.drinks.seriouseats.com/2012/04/which-is-the-best-coffeemate-flavor-coffee-creamer.html

Checkout the favorite coffee creamers chosen by home chefs and other food lovers, at http://www.pinterest.com/recipes/coffee-creamer.-your-favorite-favor/

Why drink coffee?

Why Not?

Checkout this article about the health reasons to drink coffee (and cons to consider) Eating Well,
at :  www.eatingwell.com

I took the challenge.
Question #-1-What is your favorite coffee cup?
 I use a different mug among my favorites everyday. That means I like variety in my coffee and my life! That is so true.
Question #-2- What is your favorite coffee?
I was glad that my favorite coffee which is a "mocha" was not listed. I would take this site with a grain of "sugar".
 So let's try  the Starbucks challenge instead: -Article: What Does Your Starbucks Drink Say about You?
 http:// www.levo.com/articles/lifestyle/what-pumphin-spice-latte-starbucks-drink-say-about-you#

 Mocha: "Work hard, play hard is your life motto. You're the team member successfully leading the huge client presentation, but you're also the person organizing the office happy hours and the holiday party of the century. When you decide to indulge, you do it right . The bottom line: You get stuff done, and you go big, or go home." Wow, pretty close!
Question #-3- What is your favorite creamer?
Sugar-Free-French Vanilla, #1- This is the gateway creamer and the number 1, non-dairy creamer in America. My husband is a black coffee drinker most of the time or he uses Bailey's Irish Cream.(non-alcoholic)But if he was in Ireland he might.............

Be sure to leave a comment after you take the challenge. Thanks!

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