Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hot Turkey Melt

Simple foods for a simple lunch! It only takes ten minutes to make this tasty and nutritious lunch.

Hot Turkey Melt


1 Spinach and Herbs Tortilla Wrap

1 tablespoon mushrooms drained

2 teaspoons mozzarella cheese

1 or 2 slices fat free Smoked Turkey Breast

 1 teaspoon mustard

 Baby Spinach  if  desired


Place tortilla wrap on microwave safe dish

Spread mustard on wrap

Add mushrooms, cheese, turkey breast, and spinach

Heat in microwave 1 minute

Add black beans and applesauce with cinnamon as your sides

Skinny Mocha


1 cup French vanilla coffee

2 shots sugar free raspberry syrup

1 scoop of fat free whipping cream

1 teaspoon sugar free chocolate syrup

Your favorite cup or mug!

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