Friday, September 19, 2014

Whew... I know cleaning out the pantry  was a major job, but now it is over and our next step is preparing our garden or pots to grow some herbs and vegetables. As we get older we may feel better doing a raised bed garden. I actually can water my garden standing on the deck. Also, if you are lacking space using pots will yield the same results.....and pots require no weeding.....  Also if you are living in an apartment and just have a deck you can use deck rail pots to plant your herbs. You can also buy them in jars but fresh is always better. You can also freeze your herbs in ice trays to use later. HERBS are an important part of your new lifestyle changes. When you start to prepare your foods with less sodium, herbs are a good way to replace the flavor... If you don't like it you won't eat have to find a way to make healthy taste good and this is possible with a little creativity on your part..........

 These  few strawberry plants yielded enough strawberries to put in my baby spinach and strawberry salad all summer long. My husband built me the flower boxes in the picture below. They are also filled with all the wonderful herbs that I cooked with this summer.

You may now be thinking... I just don't want to garden anymore... it is not part of my retirement plans.... Beyond getting produce free from your family and friends gardens, the next economically way to get the best fruits and vegetables is at a farmer's market. Almost all cities and towns have farmers markets. You can visit local farmer's market and also stop by markets while traveling. Here are a few that I used this summer to help me along my journey to eating healthier:







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